Ian Ramsey Lectures by renowned Scientists:-Why is Science Such a Pain? - 1.

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HOW OUR REAL FATHER GOD DOMINATES THE DEMIURGE GOD OF NATURE YAHWEH? Ian Ramsey Lectures by renowned Sciencetists:-Why is Science Such a Pain? - 1. I go to Oxford University to listen to lectures delivered by the renowned scientists. Here is the one that I attended on 26 April, 2012:- THURSDAY 26th APRIL 2012, 5:00pm -- 6:30pm, TRINITY COLLEGE, DANSON ROOM SEMINAR OF THE IAN RAMSEY CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND RELIGION IN COLLABORATION WITH THE "ORDER PROJECT," LSE "Why is Science Such a Pain? The Book of Job and an Overlooked Ancient Narrative for Science Studies" Presented by Prof. Tom McLeish, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), University of Durham The seminar is free and open to the public. Scientist study the sciences of Nature that is materials but God is Spirit with no material characteristics. Or in short, God, our Father in Spirit, Allah, ParBrahm, etc., does not obey the Natural Laws but He works by Grace and helps those who take Refuge in Him. Whereas the demiurge god Yahweh called Brahma, Khuda, etc. obeys the Natural Laws and such Laws could be studied scientifically. As we can see Nature with our two naked eyes e.g. male and female, the men working for Yahweh, the Priests in Synagogues, etc. impose those Natural Laws on natural bodies and they themselves are bound by those moral laws as well. John, the Baptist, an Angel of Yahweh, was an Ideal Moral Teacher and He, unlike the hypocrite Temple Priests was neither a hireling nor under the domination of any as the Temple Priests were under the Chief Temple Priest. In short, John, the Baptist, was a FREEMAN but He did not enjoy the Freewill otherwise He would have been a hypocrite. That is whatever He taught that He practiced Himself too. Now, Christ Jesus came to work for God that is Spirit and in Grace of our Father, He performed Miracles that science of Nature cannot explain. Thus, the Chosen Twelve Labourers in Jesus were trained in the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted by our Father Gardner and the Gate that leads to this Vineyard is very Narrow that only the Solitary Virgins of holy spirit can enter. As our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus Himself had Freewill and was a Freeman and so did the Labourers had Freewill and were Freemen. This Christ Jesus stressed to them at the Miracle of feeding the 5,000 in the wilderness with heavenly Bread, Gospel that Originates from our Father untouched by the human hands, in which the Powers of God were displayed, much tastier than the Manna produced on earth, Letters of the Law, fed by Moses. Tit-for-tat in Moses or Nature that leads to destruction of life whilst presenting the other cheek is to hit the conscience of the person that saves life too. Thus, in God life is saved if you take refuge in our Father whilst life is destroyed in the sons of Satan, the hypocrites, Princess, Kings and Emperors of Darkness, who exploit Letters to justify their killing and they dominate the present Age. Or Letter killeth spirit giveth Life. After feeding the 5000, the Jews of Letters were very happy to enjoy the most tasty Bread and then Christ Jesus opened His Mouth to Preach Gospel, "Unless you eat the flesh of Jesus, have ears to hear whatsoever comes out of the Mouth of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ that is represented by Preaching Gospel from your living hearts and not the dead Books, you have no part in me, the True Vine. Jews, the men of Letters drunk with the old wine of Moses could not take the Saying in spirit and they disappeared. At this juncture Christ Jesus asked His Labourers that you too have the Freewill to leave me but Peter stressed that you are giver of Bread of Life where else can we go.
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