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Social Psychology of Music Performance (Seminars/Lectures)

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Xuất bản 20/08/2015
The seminars/lectures presented by Robert "Doc" Woody on the SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF MUSIC PERFORMANCE are both educational and entertaining, and the substance is tailored to the particular place and audience. Having been a long-time Professor of Psychology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Doc Woody helps folks understand how psychological characteristics influence musical preferences and activities for everyone. Relying on research, he explains how music fulfills personal needs and why people differ in terms of their musical interests and abilities. After being "on the road" and playing commercially, Bob Woody turned to higher education, earning doctorates from Michigan State University and the University of Pittsburgh and a law degree from Creighton University. Also, he has studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (trumpet) in London and Vanderbilt-Blair School of Music (mandolin and tuba) in Nashville. Doc Woody has written numerous articles about music performance for professional journals and magazines. For more information about booking a lecture/seminar for your college, university, or community organization, you are invited to contact Doc Woody at or, or telephone him at 402-496-1303.
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