Public Lecture—ANTIMATTER: What is it and where did it go?

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Xuất bản 18/08/2015
Lecture Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008. In this public lecture we will explore the mystery of antimatter: Where did it go? Why is the universe made up of only matter, with no observable antimatter? And why does the universe have any matter left in it anyway? The SLAC "B"-Factory was built to answer these questions. Over the last decade, almost a billion "B"-mesons were created and studied at the B-Factory to search for subtle differences between matter and antimatter, differences that lie at the heart of the antimatter mystery. We will explain the matter-antimatter discoveries made at the B-Factory, and their connection to this year's Nobel prize in physics. It does not matter if you have no prior knowledge of Antimatter; just bring your curiosity. Lecturer: Dr. Aaron Roodman, Stanford University.
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