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Information Technology: Lecture 2 Part 1-2 (6/12/14)

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Xuất bản 19/08/2015
Information Technology: Professor Vasarhelyi & Professor Li Lecture #2 Part 1-2 The Real Time Economy, Latencies, and the Audit Data Standard Please visit our website at Time Stamps: 00:00:06 The Hype Curve Gartner 00:06:02 Real Time Economy 00:10:17 Latencies: Inter-process Latency, Decision Latency, & Outcome Latency 00:47:47 AICPA Audit Data Standard This lecture begins with a discussion of the hype curve gartner by Professor Vasarhelyi. Then the professor introduces students to the real time economy and explains the concept of latencies. He discusses three types of latencies: inter-process latency, decision latency, and outcome latency. Professor Li continues the lecture with a explanation of the audit data standard. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and get the latest updates on the RU digital library.
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