Information Technology Lecture 12 (08/07/2014)

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Information Technology: Professor Vasarhelyi Lecture 12 Student Presentations Please visit our website at Time Stamps: 0:07 APPS 0:21 What is mobile apps? 0:43 Statistics regarding smart phones users 2:46 How to go about creating an app? 3:53 How do apps make money? 4:59 Financial apps 5:13 Personal Financial Management 6:03 Bank account balance 6:35 Budgeting and alerts 7:04 Spending trends 7:30 Track investments 9:13 What is e-learning? 10:29 e-learning trends 12:20 Duoling Dashboard 13:33 What is an audit app? 13:56 What functions do audit apps perform? 14:38 Where do audits app fit in the audit cycle? 15:10 The automated audit 16:11 Accounts payable 16:47 Where can i get audit apps? 17:31 What does this mean for the future of the audit? 18:54 Electronic banking 19:04 Services: Electronic Fund Transfer 21:11 Advances Services 24:12 Virtual Banks: Difference 25:09 Virtual Banks: Pros 27:23 Virtual Banks: Cons 29:40 Risks and Security: Online bank fraud tactics 30:10 Risks and Security: Phishing 31:10 Risks and Security: Keyloggers 32:01 Risk and Security: How banks protect you 33:23 Risk and Security: How to protect yourself 34:15 What is e-trading? 34:39 Electronic Communication network (ECN) 35:17 NYSE- New York Stock Exchange 35:52 NYSE- Products Equity 36:10 NYSE- Exchange trade product (ETPs) 37:41 NASDAQ38:10 NASDAQ products 38:53 CME group 39:16 Currency exchange eTrading 39:44 Brokers 39:57 Sudden impact of electricity trading 40:00 Key institutional difference between floor trading and elect trading 40:19 Liquidity 41:37 Short-term price effects 42:04 Short term price effects of electronization 42:14 Longer term price effects 42:21 Declining cost of equity and improving liquidity after automation 42:48 Algorithmic trading (high frequency trading) 43:15 Ultra High Frequency trading 43:30 Model of Algorithmic 43:41 Flash crash May 6, 2010 43:56 "Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt" By Michael Lewis 44:36 Future of Trading 45:17 Bubbles and Crashes 46:08 HFT and compliance: HFT is controversial 48:08 What is Cloud Computing? 48:58 Major events in Cloud Computing 50:18 Evolution of cloud computing 51:09 Work Collaboration (Before Technology) 51:32 Work Collaboration (With out Cloud Computing) 52:07 Work Collaboration (With Cloud Computing) 52:36 Advantages and Disadvantages of cloud 54:38 SaaS: Software as a Service 55:58 SaaS Solution provider delivery chain 56:40 Benefit 58:25 PaaS: Platform as a Service 58:58 What is "PaaS" in Cloud Computing? 1:02:21 Concerns 1:02:56 Globe market share 1:03:23 LaaS: Infrastructure as a service 1:04:22 Public Infrastructure as a service 1:04:55 LaaS Companies and Providers 1:05:48 Laas: Do it Yourself 1:06:17 LaaS: Rent 1:06:29 LaaS: House 1:06:48 Renting LaaS 1:06:58 Steps to set up an application in LaaS Application 1:07:40 Future of Cloud Computing 1:08:06 Predictions 1:09:59 Barriers of growth 1:11:19 Background of Survey 1:12:34 The Collaborators and companies of 2014 1:12:53 Modern Day Technology and Developing world 1:13:50 How Technology is being used 1;14:00 In Somaliland 1:16:05 Grameen " Village Phone" 1:16:59 Overall 1:17:41 How information technology changes manufacturing in developing world 1:18:47 Danger 1:19:16 Things have changed 1:19:31 Industrial Robot 1:20:34 What does Technology Information Bring Developing World 1:20:49 What are Neuromorphic Chips? 1:22:37 How do they work? 1:23:39 Von Neumann Architecture 1:24:03 Processing powers 1:24:39 The zeroth program- Qualcomm 1:26:55 The SyNAPSE Project-IBM 1:27:34 Blue Brain Project 1:29:01 Mesocircut visualization 1:29:19 The Neurogrid 1:30:30 The human brain project 1:31:36 Traditional AL vs. Neuromorphic Computing 1:33:04 Neuroscience 1:34:07 Medicine 1:35:21 The backlash 1:37:19 Future uses 1:37:22 Possibilities 1:37:33 Smart phone and drones 1:39:19 Tumble weed and assistive vision 1:40:09 Conversation flower and jellyfish 1:41:07 Waston and Cognitive systems 1:41:43 Continuous Auditing? Summary: On the last lecture, student will present their presentation which will involve information technology. Through these presentation, will explain how technology comes into play in our everyday lives. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and get the latest updates on the RU digital library.
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