Information Technology: Lecture 1 Part 1-2 (6/5/2014)

Xuất bản 18/08/2015
Information Technology: Professor Vasarhelyi Lecture #1 Part 1-2 Introduction and WebLife Please visit our website at Time Stamps: 00:28 Clicker Questions 01:08 What is an intellectual? 14:21 Real Time Economy 20:03 Predicting Technology 30:03 Continuous Monitoring 30:54 Continuous Auditing 32:24 XBRL 43:24 Audit Data Standard (ADS) 55:13 Robots and Drones 55:17 Smart Electronization This video begins with an introduction to the course by giving the students a few clicker questions. The professor talks about what it means to be an intellectual then goes over the outline for the course and explains each topic. The lecture continues on the next video, Part 2-2, where the professor continues to go over the outline and discusses basic technology and the cloud. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and get the latest updates on the RU digital library.
business accounting technology intellectual rutgers information technology xbrl vasarhelyi miklos audit data standard rutgers university continuous auditing predicting technology Information Website Category web life weblife continuous monitoring robots and drones
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