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TARGET TOEIC - LISTENING - UNIT 1 - PART 1 ANSWER KEY: 1. (C) The firefighters are holding a hose. 2. (C) It's rush hour. 3. (D) The man is sitting at a desk. 4. (B) The man is lifting a box. 5.(A) The files are arranged neatly on the shelves. 6. (B) The people are at an airport. 7. (D) The package is being delivered to the woman. 8. (B) The women are working on a project together. 9. (C) There are several glasses on the counter. 10. (A) The patient is being treated by the dentist. English ME Community -- Our hope is to bring everyone the best value. Just come with us to share your knowledge, to find yourself and be confident to express yourself. English ME - Share to be shared!
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