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Transcripts: 11.Didn't you pick Kristin up at the airport? A. Yes, she drove herself. B. No, she took the shuttle. C. No, I didn't have a good time. 12.When do you want to take your vacation? A. Last July. B. In June. C. I'm going to the Bahamas. 13.How long was your flight? A. I arrived last year. B. Long, about 12 hours. C. I haven't been here long. 14.Where's the produce section? Refer to the back of the book. It's on the table. Go straight down the middle ailse to the back. 15.How did your interview go? First, I went to the bank, and I had trouble finding a parking space. OK, but I'm not sure it's the right job for me. There wasn't a review in today's paper. 16.Do you have any openings in your accounting department? Yes, here's an applicant form. I'm sorry, the accounting department is closed for the day. Accountant must be good with numbers. 17.Who called while I was out? A. Walter, he wants you to call him back. B. I went out for dinner with Walter. C. Telephone answering machines are very useful. 18.This office is noisy, isn't it? I couldn't hear his speech. Yes, the children can be very noisy. It's because it's on the main road. 19.It's always hot in here. Why don't we use the air conditioner? Sure, turn it on. Because I never stay out late. Because I'm having a good time. 20. Why didn't you read the instruction first? I did. But I didn't understand them. Yes, he's a good instructor. First, you remove the back panel. 21.According to our contact, we're allowed emergency leave, aren't we? Only five days, and it must be for a family member. You are allowed to leave when the meeting ends. We had to go to the emergency room last night. 22.What should we do about the remaining merchandise? I think we should buy a new car. Return it to the manufacturer. She went into merchandising after graduation. 23.When has the conference been changed to? A. Fine, just send out a memo. B. The last weekend in March. Is that OK? C. I thought the conference changes were very successful. 24.Which building is the accounting department located in? Yes, there is an accounting department. It's the white building on the right. I'm not very good with numbers. 25.Who should I address this letter to? I'd send it by express mail. To Edgar Winters. I don't know his address. 26. Well, Ms.Watson has accepted my proposal. Of course! Your proposal was excellent. There is nothing acceptable about Ms.Watson. I don't know, but I'm optimistic. 27.What's the exchange rate today? You can exchange it if you have a receipt. The same as yesterday. Most people resist change. 28.I'll get this report to you on either Friday afternoon or Monday morning. I was hoping I could look at it over the weekend. It's going to be a busy week. When will you finish? 29.How do the employees feel about the new contract? She felt OK until about an hour ago. They aren't happy with it. Contract negotiations are expected to continue through the night. 30.Can you hold this door for me? I'll be right there. We can hold anything for 48 hours. Please, don't put me on hold. 31.Who was the last person using the computer? Why? Is there a problem? I never learned to use a computer. I'm taking a computer programming class now. 32. Can she type well? Yes, she's a real professional. No, I haven't seen her before. It will take about two hours to type it. 33.Hasn't the new equipment arrived yet? He's arriving this afternoon. It's supposed to be delivered within the hour. I have all the lastest equipment. 34.When do you think they'll announce the promotions? I hope I get promoted this time. They'll tell us at the weekly meeting on Wednesday. There will be an announcement. 35.Where are they sending you on business this time? Oh, I hardly ever go there. Morocco and Egypt. I'll send you a postcard. 36.How much is the electric lawnmower in the window? A. It cuts grass of all lengths at high speed. B. Do you mean the red power mower, sir? C. It's a great machine. 37.What time is Sir Michael arriving for the opening ceremony? Oh, no. I forgot the keys. I'll open the door in just a moment. He'll arrive at 10, and we'll get started at 10:30. 38.I'm trying to decide weather Alison or Brian is more reliable. I've never known Alison to miss a deadline or forget to do something. You can always rely on someone to help out. Why don't you relay the message to them? 39.How are you going to handle this problem without upsetting everyone? Turn the handle to the right. I have no idea. This is such a mess. It wasn't my fault. 40.When can I talk to you about the budget? I'm so bad with finances. Drop by my office this afternoon. I'm in a meeting, so I can't talk.
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