New TOEIC Listening Test 80: Practice Part 4 (with Answers & Transcript)

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Xuất bản 22/08/2015
Practicing on these TOEIC tests helps raise your score in the TOEIC Listening Section. Check the audio transcript and correct answers below. This video is in the series of NEW TOEIC Test Preparation: SUBSCRIBE with us for the latest TOEIC tests and support ! ------ AUDIO TRANSCRIPTS Question 81 and 82 refer to the following introduction. My dear friends, I would like to turn the podium over to Mr. Makowitz, who will tell you about the reason for this fund-raiser. You all know him as the Personnel Director, but you may not be aware of the role he plays in our community. Through his dedicated efforts, over five hundred underpivileged children have been able to participate in the Literacy Crusade which he have been able to participate in the Literacy Crusade which he helped found and of which he is also a board member. Please help me give Mr. Makowitz a warm welcome. Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following announcement. As the hotel will be closed from November through March for renovations, the entire house-keeping staff will be on leave with pay during this time. The same will hold true for the kitchen, banquet and dining room staff. Only mangement must report to work during this period. Arrangements for direct deposit of your paychecks can be made with Mrs. Tuttle in accounting. The grand re-openging will take place on the eighth of April. New uniforms will be issued to all personnel at that time. Question 86 though 88 refer to the following announcement. Ladies and gentlemen, the fire marshal is with us today to supervise the evacuation of the entire building. The front office are to use the north stairwell. Rear offices should exit through the south stairwell. Everyone else is to use the east wing stairs. No one may use the elevators. When you hear the alarm, please proceed quickly and in silence to your respective stairwells and then gather outside in the parkinglot. Once everyone is ccounted for, the fire marshal will tell us about the new fire dete. Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following redored announcement. You have reached the office of Doctor malcolm. Our office hours are Monday thorugh Friday from 8:00 am untill 5:00 p.m. the office is located at the intersection of Hightway 55 dental emergency, please press 9 for immediate attention. If you would like to make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned, press 1. For any other message, wait for the beep. Question 92 and 93 refer to the following radio advertisement If you want to succeed in this fast-paced financial world, you can’t ignore the advice given in Investor’s choice. Our columnists give investment strategies to help you keep pace with a rapidly changing global economy. The opportunities will be breathtaking for those able to interpret the new dynamics, but not so for those stuck in the past and worried about inflation. Today’s persistent inflation may very well not be some temporary aberration. Don’t be fooled. Stay abreast. Read investor’s choice. Question 94 through 96 refer to the following announcement. Please follow company policy regarding compensation for youir expenses. Turn in all expense reports before Thrsday at 2 if you want to be reimbursed on the following payday. All receipts must accompany the report. This policy has been in effect for some time now and yet accounting still complains of last minute attrempts topush reimbursement requests thorugh without the required paperwork. The accounting department already has its hands full with all the new computers we have just installed. Let’s not burden them unnecessarily. Question 97 and 98 refer to the following bulletin After five years of testing, the St.Petersburg transportation Bureau has finalized it’s plans for the implementation of their first magnetic train. Conventional trains ride directly on a steel rail. This revolutionary and economical design will literally foat the train inches above the track by means of powerful magnetic forces. Needless to say, the gratly diminished friction will allow the train to whisk along at unprecedented speeds. Quesitons 99 and 100 refer to the following announcement. Your attention please.when barding the train, please hold small chidren by the hand. We would like to point out that special sats are reserved for the elderly and the disabled. The sound of the bell indicates that the train doors are about to close. We ask that you refrain from smoking. Eating or drinking while in the subway sustem. You will find elevators to the street at each end of the platform. If you need assistance, please press the red button to the right of the elevator door. ------ CORRECT ANSWERS 81.A -82.B -83.C -84.D -85.B -86.A -87.B -88.C -89.D -90.B -91.D -92.A -93.D -94.A -95.C -96.B -97.D -98.C -99.D -100.A
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