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ANSWER KEY 41. (C) Reserving an extra hotel room 42. (B) A name and reservation number 43. (C) The man's family name 44. (A) Their company's new invoicing system 45. (B) Their old billing system was outdated. 46. (B) It has helped her with her work. 47. (C) It contained an unexpected item. 48. (C) A telecommunications expert 49. (A) The meeting was not essential. 50. (A) She didn't know she had to pay taxes. 51. (D) How much she will have to pay 52. (C) Read an information leaflet 53. (D) Buying a piece of land and building on it 54. (A) Increase the size of their building 55. (C) In three months 56. (A) A staff meeting 57. (B) She had to meet a client. 58. (B) She is glad that she was not there. 59. (D) John's office number 60. (A) He doesn't like being disturbed at home. 61. (B) In the office directory 62. (D) Next Wednesday afternoon 63. (D) The meeting will be very long. 64. (B) A presentation by the planning division 65. (B) A scandal in the construction industry 66. (A) Many of their buildings have structural flaws. 67.(B) The company will have to pull down several buildings. 68. (A) They have an outstanding bill to pay. 69. (C) The man's 70. (D) Straight away English ME Community -- Our hope is to bring everyone the best value. Just come with us to share your knowledge, to find yourself and be confident to express yourself. English ME - Share to be shared!
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