New TOEIC Listening Test 66: Practice Part 3 (with Answers & Transcript)

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TRANSCRIPT Questions 41-43 refer to the following conversation. - Good morning, this is the front desk. How may I help you? - Yes, this is Richard Rodriguez in the editing department I’ve been expecting a shipment this morning. - I'm sorry, Mr. Richard. I haven't seen any delivery men come in yet today. Do you want me to call the other offices if they received it by accident? - No, that's not necessary. When it arrives, please hold it for me at the front desk. I'm stepping out for a meeting right now but I should be back in about an hour. Questions 44-46 refer to the following conversation. - Hello, Jesse. How’s your job search going? - I've been looking around the internet and through the newspapers but I can’t find one in the location I want. - I have a friend who subscribes to a newsletter listing nearly thousands of available positions in firms across the country. I can ask him to send you the latest edition. - That sounds great! I need as much help as I can get. Questions 47-49 refer to the following conversation. - What should we do to thank our employees this Christmas? - Well, let's do more than send out fruit baskets like we did last year. Maybe we could rent a restaurant and take everyone out to dinner a few days before. - Oh, that's a good idea Do you know of any locations we can hold the dinner party at? - I've just come up with a couple of restaurants. Ill give them a call this afternoon to see if they are available. Questions 50-52 refer to the following conversation. - Is there any way I can reschedule my flight to New York? The conference I was supposed to attend has been postponed until the following week. - Let's see. I have your flight information right here. Unfortunately I don't have any nonstop flights with available seats that week. Would you mind a stopover in Chicago? - That's not a problem as long as it takes me to New York. I’d prefer a window seat if possible. - Alright, I've charged your reservation. Please check your e-mail as the ticket should be sent to you this afternoon. Questions 53-55 refer to the following conversation. - Did you hear that the company is expanding our London branch office? If that happens, it will be our largest branch. - No, I didn't, this is the first I've heard of it. What about the employees? Do you think that they'll hire (...) Questions 56-58 refer to the following conversation. - Frances, I’m on my way over to Copy-Copy’s to pick up the materials for our advertising presentation this afternoon. Is there anything else you want me to pick up? - Actually, I'll need a memory card to transfer some of my documents to the conference room computer. - Okay, I should be back in about half an hour. - Hold on, before you go let me ask Jane if she has an extra memory card to save you a trip to the computer store. Questions 59-61 refer to the following conversation. - Hi Joseph. Are you prepared for the daily meeting this morning? You've got an hour presentation to give, don’t you? - Yes, but there’s a problem. Actually, I finished the speech last night but the computer I saved the file on is suddenly out of order. What am I supposed to do? - I wish I could help but I don't know anything about computers. Why don’t you go see Janice in technical support? She used to work at a computer shop. Questions 65-67 refer to the following conversation. - Hi, this is Mark Smith. I am scheduled to meet with you on Friday at 10:30 for a dental consultation. This is my first visit to your office and I was wondering what information I should bring with me. - Well, you should bring any previous dental records as well as all of your health insurance formation. - I have my health insurance records but I don't have my previous dental records. - That's fine. Just bring what you have. We should be able to call your previous dentist and have them faxed here. Questions 68-70 refer to the following conversation. - We haven't been satisfied with our current advertising agency and are searching for a new one. That's why we asked you to come in today. - Well, I’m so glad to tell you about our experience. I'm sure you'll find out why our clients are all very satisfied with our services. Here are some examples of the campaigns we have created. Can you tell me what type of work you'll be asking us to do? - We advertise primarily in print, especially health magazines. Depending upon the success we have in that area we may be looking to expand into radio and television. - You're in luck. We have an incredible print department as you can see by the examples on these posters. If you’d like we can start working on a proposal and have it ready in a week. Let’s discuss what type of audience you're targeting. ----- CORRECT ANSWERS 41.C -42.A -43.B -44.B -45.C -46.D -47.D -48.A -49.D -50.B -51.C -52.D -53.C -54.B -55.D -56.D -57.B -58.A -59.B -60.C -61.B -62.D -63.C -64.B -65.D -66.D -67.D -68.C -69.D -70.C
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