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Xuất bản 22/08/2015
Transcripts: 1. (A) The road is full of traffic. (B) A man is getting on the bus. (C) The bus is full of passengers. (D) The taxis are picking up passengers. 2. (A) The man is running away from the police. (B) The police officer is writing a parking ticket. (C) The police officer is arresting a suspect. (D) The man is hiding behind the car. 3. (A) The two men are fitting windows. (B) The two men are working on a construction site. (C) The two men are standing in front of a shop windows. (D) The two men are hanging from safety harnesses. 4. (A) The man is talking on a public telephone. (B) The man is talking in public. (C) The man is leaning against the wall. (D) The man is stretching his neck. 5. (A) The man is reading a newspaper in the library. (B) He's working at a store. (C) He is picking a book off the table. (D) He is selecting a book in a bookstore. 6. (A) The woman is working on the stairs. (B) The woman is climbing up the walls of a house. (C) The woman is walking down the stairs. (D) The woman is walking up the stairs. 7. (A) The bridge is empty. (B) The man is alone on the bridge. (C) The bridge is crowded. (D) The street is deserted. 8. (A) The train doors are shut. (B) The train doors are open. (C) A man is waiting in front of the train doors. (D) The train is approading the station. 9. (A) The man is confusing about something. (B) The man is confusing. (C) The man looks excited. (D) The man is sad about something. 10. (A) The three men are working together. (B) The three men are walking together. (C) The men are looking at a brochure. (D) The men are talking a break.

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