TOEIC Listening Part 1 - 1

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Xuất bản 22/08/2015
TOEIC listening sample practice test Part 1. English listening. English learning. Study English. Basic English. Online English. A. The man is sitting on the desk. B. The man is making a telephone call. C. The man is looking out of the window. D. The man is writing in a notebook. A. There is a computer monitor on the table. B. There are several tables in the room. C. There are several chairs around the table. D. There is no window in the room. A. The man is standing under the roof. B. The man is going up the ladder. C. The man is fixing the electric cables. D. The man is standing on the roof. A. There are some news vending machines on the street. B. There are some benches on the street. C. A man is buying a newspaper. D. Many people are walking down the street.
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