TARGET TOEIC 2nd Edition - LISTENING - UNIT 1 - PART 4 (2)

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Xuất bản 22/08/2015
ANSWER KEY 86. (B) A businessman who provides charitable assistance 87. (D) For a decade 88.(A) By allowing for the provision of clean water 89. (D) Health care products 90. (A) Gold Card Members get 20% off on Tuesdays. 91. (B) All GFY customers 92. (A) To keep him informed of the situation 93. (D) Improving quality control 94. (A) A pay raise or an increase in personnel 95. (C) Health and safety inspectors 96. (C) Defective safety mechanisms 97. (A) They will be off work with full pay for about a week. 98. (B) Winter vacation packages 99. (C) Dinner 100. (A) By visiting a branch directly or calling a special hotline English ME Community -- Our hope is to bring everyone the best value. Just come with us to share your knowledge, to find yourself and be confident to express yourself. English ME - Share to be shared!
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