TARGET TOEIC 2nd Edition - LISTENING - UNIT 1 - PART 4 (1)

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Xuất bản 22/08/2015
ANSWER KEY 71. (B) AAM's success in foreign sales 72. (B) England, Norway, France, and Germany 73. (C) Mark Simpson 74. (D) To decrease use of paper and electricity 75. (D) Flush the toilet regularly. 76. (B) People must conserve natural resources. 77. (C) To subscribe to this publication 78. (D) By credit card 79. (A) Those interested in the arts 80. (A) On a train 81. (D) The train is late. 82. (C) The food service will close. 83. (C) To speed up your call 84. (A) 1 85. (D) Ticket delivery English ME Community -- Our hope is to bring everyone the best value. Just come with us to share your knowledge, to find yourself and be confident to express yourself. English ME - Share to be shared!
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