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ANSWER KEY 11. (B) I have to finish a marketing report. 12. (A) The supplier. Our shipment has arrived. 13. (B) On Julie's desk. 14. (C) For a class I'm taking at the community college. 15. (A) We can pick it up any time after 3:00. 16. (C) A year. 17. (C) Sure. What's the number? 18. (A) I'd rather get it all done today. 19. (B) Sure you will. Let me help you. 20. (A) I'm almost done. 21. (B)Yes, it's very interesting, but a little difficult. 22. (C) It certainly was. 23. (A) I don't remember exactly, but it was a good deal. 24. (B) I thought we'd agreed on two o'clock. 25. (B) From five o'clock until seven-thirty. 26. (A) I don't mind going to meet her. 27. (A) Oh, I threw it away already. 28. (A) Yes, with my business partner. 29. (C) Early next week. 30. (A) I couldn't find the room. 31. (B) Actually, he asked if he could have it. 32. (B) Oh no. Not again. 33. (A) Well, how urgent is it? 34. (B) Didn't you know? She's on vacation. 35. (C) There's some space in the basement. 36. (A) How does next Tuesday sound? 37. (C) I'm going to be in charge of that. 38. (C) I put them in an envelope on your desk. 39. (A) I work flexi-time, so it varies. 40. (B) Oh, we thought you had ordered them. English ME Community -- Our hope is to bring everyone the best value. Just come with us to share your knowledge, to find yourself and be confident to express yourself. English ME - Share to be shared!
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