TOEFL listening test 103

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listening test 103: Questions (The answers are at the bottom of the page... They are WAY down the page to ensure that you don't see them by mistakes, so scroll down until you get to them) 12: What is the talk mainly about? A) The three main areas colonists settled in the New Wordl B) The importance of the Lost Colony C) The impact of the London company D) The significance of the settlement of Jamestown 13: Why does the professor mentiomns sir Walter Raleigh? A) To Explain that he organized the new settlement in a colony B) To explain that he was dearless C) To provide information about the first child born in the New World belonging to English parents D) To give an example of how he convinced the Queen to grant him the land in the New World 14: What does the professor say about Jamestown A) it was the first successful colony in Virginia. B) It had strong leadership to survive C) Its settlers had to cooperate with the Native Americans to maintain their existence. D) All of the above 15: According to the professor, what is the significance of tobacco being grown in Kamestown? A) It developped into a cash crop that South depended on. B) The crop was profitable to the London Company c) it helped Jamestown prosper D) The professor does not say 16: Why does the professor discuss the archeological digs that have taken place in Jamestown? A) To explain how historians learned that tobacco was grown in Jamestown B) It demonstrates the importance of the artifacts which have been uncovered c) It is not clear from the paragraph why the digs were discussed D) To explain why a company on site is producing Jamestown glass 17: Why does the professor say this? A) To make sure the students read the material B) to have the students analyze the significance of the two types of colonies C) To explain that the New England colonies will be different from the Virginia colonies D) To encourage students to think creatively . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Answers: 12: d 13: a 14: d 15: c 15: b 17: b
TOEFL listening part test final 103
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