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TOEFL listening test 1.5

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Xuất bản 16/08/2015
TOEFL listening test 1.5 Questions 24 What is the discussion mainly about? a The history of constellations b Why constellations are important to study c How constellations have been named d How constellations have been discovered 25 How does the professor emphasize his point about how constellations have been named? a By telling the story of the Sumerians b By explaining how Ursa Major was named c By identifying the discoveries made by the Sumerians d By comparing patterns of major constellations 26 What are two key features of star charts? (choose 2 answers) a They identify all of the constellations b Their format is different today than it was in earlier times c Straight lines in various formations show the constellations d There is a variety of charts available for use with different symbols 27 According to the discussion, what are some reasons for NOT knowing the history of all constellations? (choose 3 answers) a They are imaginary b There are too many c They were invented a long time ago d They were named in prehistoric times e They have only recently been made 28 What does the professor mean when he says this? a Some were very decorative b The era of the artist is a factor in the way the chart looks c Some figures were flowery d Some were only drawn with straight lines 29 What can be inferred about the students? a They appear to be angry with each other b They are not considerate of each other's thoughts c They are not responding to the same conclusion d They have come to the same conclusion Answers are at the bottom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Answers -- 24a, 25b, 26b,c, 27a,c,d, 28b, 29c
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