[TOEFL 2016 Speaking Practice] Test 26: Question 3 (with Sample Answer)

Xuất bản 15/08/2015
This test is in the series of preparation for Question 3 in TOEFL Speaking Section. Practicing on these TOEFL iBT speaking tests helps you score high in the TOEFL Speaking Section. Check guide to answering this type of question below. This video is in the series of NEW TOEFL iBT Preparation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2jvSGmpWX1UosCtabaTzw6_UB8FmuDz1 SUBSCRIBE with us the get the latest TOEFL tests ! ---------------- AUDIO TRANSCRIPTS OF THE LECTURE IN THIS TEST M: Did you hear they’re offering a new literature class at night? W; Yeah, I think it's an excellent idea, and none too soon, M: Right. W: I mean every semester it seems there are more and more working students coming to this university I had one night class and it was packed because it was one of the few night classes the working students could take. So this is a really good idea to offer more night classes. Especially if we can expect more part-time students on campus. M; I know what you mean. W: But it’s also a good idea to offer more literature classes in general. You know, for those of us whose major isn't literature, we don’t have a lot of choices if we want to take a literature class. A lot of them are only for literature majors. But this one sounds really good because it's a survey class. So, it's not too advanced for people like me who want an introduction first. M: That's true. Most of the classes are pretty advanced.
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