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Here are the 10 questions. I am guessing that some of them are too easy to be found on an actual IBT test... I am thinking about the favorite season, or the things you usually do at school. However, the sample respnses offer you a variety of format you can use in your own response. I suggest you listen to them and try to adopt some of their patterns. Especially the way they start their responses. It is always clear and "interesting" (As much as a TOEFL response can be I guess). Good luck 1: Who has been you favorite teacher so far in your life? 2: Tell me about your favorite place when you were a child? 3: What would you like to buy at the department store to surprise your friend on his birthday? 4: What is your favorite season of the year? 5: Many people use their computers in their office and at home. Tell me about your experience with your computer 6: One of your friends living in another country is planning to visit your country for two weeks on his or her vacation. Which place would you recommend your friend to stay at for two weeks, and what would you recommend him or her to do there? 7: Why do you think people attend college? What are the benefits of a university education? 8: Tell me about your country's favorite traditional foods. 9: Tell me some of the things you usually do at school. 10: People hae their role models in their lives. who do you admire the most?
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