Online TOEFL Course Comments to Medard: Analyze my reading and listening practice test scores.

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Xuất bản 15/08/2015 Interested in becoming one of Michael's STEALTH students of the One and Only 7-Step System to Pass The TOEFL Test? Click on the link to become one of Michael's students. The sooner you click, the faster you will achieve 26 and 24 points on the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL iBT. In Michael's Online TOEFL Course, you can also practice until you can score 22 on the reading and listening sections of the exam. =========================================== Hello Professor, I have gone over the reading and listening practice and I would like to submit to your analysis the result I've got. I did the test on practice mode. So I would like you to check this result and advise me about these two sections. I am having some problem of connectivity or access to internet. So I have problem to complete some exercices especially writing (integrated writing) where I need a good speed connectivity to play the video and understand the lecture. Here are the results of my practice test in reading and listening. Kind Regards Book Reading Sections points correct answers Percentage Listening Sections points correct answers Percentage TOEFL Official guide Reading 1 17/30 23/42 55% Listening1 28/30 34/36 94% TOEFL Official guide Reading 2 16/30 24/45 53% Listening2 21/30 23/33 70% TOEFL Official guide Reading 3 23/30 34/45 76% Listening3 20/30 22/34 65% Cambridge Book Reading 1 17/30 24/39 Listening1 24/30 27/34 Cambridge Book Reading 2 20/30 29/39 Listening2 22/30 26/34 Cambridge Book Reading 3 18/30 26/39 Listening3 21/30 24/34 Cambridge Book Reading 4 21/30 30/39 Listening4 22/30 25/34 Cambridge Book Reading 5 23/30 28/39 Listening5 25/30 28/34 Cambridge Book Reading 6 22/30 31/39 Listening6 20/30 23/34 Cambridge Book Reading 7 19/30 27/39 Listening7 20/30
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