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Here is the speaking section of the TOEFL. It asks you to answer six questions. The videos are in Real-Time, so they reflect what a real TOEFL experience feels like. Questions 1 and 2 require that you share a perso nal experience or give your opinion about a familiar topic. Questions 3 and 4 will first prompt you with a short text to read. You will then have to listen to a conversation between two students (That's question 3) and a lecture from a professor (That's question 4). Your task is to summarize the information you gathered from what you have just read and listened to. Questions 5 and 6 demand that you listen to a conversation involving two students discussing a problem with possible solutions (That's question 5) and a lecture on an academic subject from a professor. Question 5 will ask you to choose the best solution and give reasons to support your position. As for Question 6, the main goal is to be able to follow through a lecture that describes a concept, an idea or an experiment of some sort. The tough part comes when you have to summarize the main points and recall the different examples used to support them. The way TOEFL speaking tasks are scored is detailed on the ETS website. Here is the link to the criteria they use to grade the speaking portion of the test. You will notice that there are two different tables. One is to grade the Independent speaking tasks (Questions 1 & 2). The other one is used for integrated speaking tasks (Question 3-4-5-6) Make sure you are familiar with the criteriathat you understand what is expected of you. Good Luck to All
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