[New TOEFL Speaking Practice] Test 15: Question 4 with Sample Answer

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Xuất bản 15/08/2015
Practising on these TOEFL iBT speaking tests helps you score high in the TOEFL Speaking Section. Check guide to answering this type of question below. This video is in the series of NEW TOEFL iBT Preparation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2jvSGmpWX1UosCtabaTzw6_UB8FmuDz1 SUBSCRIBE with us the get the latest TOEFL tests ! ---------------------------- TRANSCRIPTS OF THE LECTURE IN THIS TEST Okay, so we’ve been talking about some problems faced by biologists when they try to reintroduce species into the wild. As we’ve urn...ah, talked about, sometimes the animals aren’t ready or able to go...to fit into their native habitats. But there have been some new strategies used which seem to be, uh, working out. For example, biologists recently reintroduced four lynx—you guys know what a lynx is, right?—into the wild. The first time they tried it, the cats died of starvation—they didn’t know how or where to hunt. This time, they kept the animals longer and let them mature. They also forced the animals to hunt for food instead of giving them the food directly. And finally, they kept the lynx together in a big pen so they know how to get along with other members of their species.
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