How To Read a Stock - The secret stock that will MAKE YOU MONEY - 2013 Stocks!

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Website: Follow me on Twitter: @DanielSharma and @SpikedFinance Join me on Facebook: IT'S FINANCE TIME!!!! I'M HERE TO MAKE YOU MONEY THROUGH SMART INVESTMENT CHOICES. Learn about the "secret stock" that can make you money! Learn about fundamental analysis that can help you read a stock! Main Topics: ACE Limited, Dividends, Cash Flow, and Spike Round Top Winners: Target Corp. (TGT) The yield and the P/E ratio looking attractive. They are soon to enter Canada and I see their profits increasing. Dollarama (DOL) This company has been growing since I have mentioned this. The yield is great and I am still holding onto this stock. Annies (BNNY) Since the IPO they have been steadily rising I say wait until there is a solid signal that it will stay above the support level and then get in! Home Depot (HD) Housing market seems to be picking up this ha always been a great long term buy for me. Under Armour (UA) up 4%, I say use technical analysis to buy in. Wait until it gets cheaper, buy at the support level and HIT THE TRIGGER AND BUY. Top Losers: Alcoa (AA) Not my favorite, 1 year return has been negative 28%, I want to stay away. Research in Motion (BB) Change in management is great, their down 8% but I still want to step away due to its volatility. I simply think they can not compete with apple or Samsung. Their management has to still prove they can come back from their disaster! Netflix (NFLX), Down close to 1%, I think now is a time to buy in to get in on the action for a long term increase. I'm saying this stock is going to reach close to $240-$250.
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