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learn english commercial https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNQpQEwHSLXQhq-qijoIdg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The American housing collapse was a major cause of the recession. The housing market is showing new life after three years of falling prices and too much supply. But now there are worries that banks could face big losses next on business properties. For example, one effect of a weak economy is less demand for office space. As a result, property owners earn less and charge less in rent. This puts pressure especially on owners who borrowed a lot of money. Easy credit helped fuel an explosion of development. The market hit a high point in two thousand seven. Now, late payments are growing. Almost three percent of learn english commercial mortgages were reported at least ninety days late between April and June. That was double a year earlier. One major lender lost more than a billion and a half dollars in the second quarter. Capmark Financial Group said it might seek bankruptcy protection from its creditors. Medium and small banks also face a growing risk. Banks hold one and a half of the three and a half trillion dollars in debt that supports the learn english commercial real estate market. Housing debt is much higher. Still, around two trillion dollars in "learn english commercial" mortgages are expected to come due for payment within the next five years. learn english commercial properties face two serious problems. One is falling prices -- down by one-fourth since two thousand seven. The other is refinancing. Most learn english commercial real estate loans have terms of ten years or less. They often end with a large payment, a balloon payment, which owners usually refinance. But lower property values and tighter lending requirements mean a harder time getting new loans. learn english commercial learn english commercial learn english commercial learn english commercial Great video you can learn to speak english Please subscribe to our channel Share on social media Speak English learning english english lesson English Vocabulary learn english speaking learn english commercial learning english grammar learn english for children learn english with subtitles English Expressions learning english conversation learning english for beginners learning english pronunciation learning english vocabulary learning english fluently Learning English Hello Class Occupations Part 1), Learn English Vocabulary Online Learn English with Steve-Peppy 28-Youtube Commercial Commercial Real Estate Could Be Next Economic Threat French, Learning, English, Steve, youtube, commercials,zakazana, reklama, banned, commercial, zakazane, reklamy,The, worlds, funniest, commercial, funny, extreme, laugh, super bowl, super, bowl, 2012, 2013, 2014, Laughter (Cause Of Death), Best, Spot, Ever,
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