Royal Nurse Tragedy: First Full Interview of 'Prank Call' Two 2DayFM DJs

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Xuất bản 15/08/2015
Two Australian DJs from the Sydney 2DayFM radio network station called to the King Edward VII Hospital, where the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was staying in, due to acute morning sickness. The nurse at the reception, a British-Indian 46 year old, Jacintha Saldanha, answered the phone, fell for the prank call and was publicly humiliated around the world. The two Australian DJ's, Mel Greig, and Michael Christian boasted of their success in pranking the hospital and infiltrating confidential information on the Duchess' medical condition. Two days later, the nurse was found dead near the London hospital to an apparent suicide. In an exclusive world first interview, the two DJs speak out of their grief and torment from the social media storm and backlash in an exclusive interview with Australia's TodayTonight reporter Clare Brady. READ MORE ON OUR WEBSITE: Disclaimer: All copyright and rights are reserved for and to the Seven Network. For entertainment and educational/historical purposes only. Released under Section 103A of the Australian Copyright Act 1968.
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