English for Nurses: Will you help me?

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Elementary Level English for Carers by Virginia Allum - pdf available on www.e4nursingandhealthcare.com Transcript Carer: Hello Mrs Greene. Do you need some help? Mrs Greene: Yes please Suzy. Carer: What do you want me to do? Mrs Greene: Will you take me to the toilet? I can't manage myself. Carer: Sure. Do you want to go now? Mrs Greene: Yes. I need to go now. Will you help me out of the chair first? Carer: Yes, of course. Give me your arm and I'll help you up. That's right. Mrs Greene: Thank you. Carer: Now, stand up. There you are. Mrs Greene: Can you take me to the toilet, please? Carer: Yes. We'll go now. Do you want to go to the dining room afterwards? Mrs Greene: No, I won't go to the dining room today. I don't feel like eating lunch. Carer: OK but you should have a drink. It's very hot today. Mrs Greene: Yes. I see. I'll have a glass of juice in my room later. Carer: Good idea. I'll bring you a glass of apple juice. I'll put it on your locker.
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