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For a great range of equipment visit For pour full blog post of the back squat please see our blog post The athlete approaches the bar, which should be in a rack at just about collarbone height. Hands are placed just outside shoulder-width apart and the shoulders are externally rotated so that the elbow pits face the sky. Abs and glutes are squeezed to stabilise the midline. The athlete then steps under the bar so that it rests on the top of the traps ** IMPORTANT** Abs and glutes are squeezed again. Next, the athlete steps out of the rack one pace backwards. Keeping the midline stable and screwing feet into the floor they sit back with their hamstrings and descend until the hip crease passes below the crease of the knee. Throughout knees track over toes, a lumbar curve is maintained and the chest is kept up. From here, again the feet are screwed into the floor. The athlete stands back up driving evenly through the foot, keeping the torso upright and the knees over the toes. They then stand back up until the knees and hips are fully extended. Due to the bar placement on top of the shoulders the HBBS forces the athlete to keep an upright torso, much as you would in the clean, front squat, overhead squat and snatch. This is because the bar is closer to the athlete’s centre of gravity. This results in the glutes and quadriceps being the prime movers of the movement. The hamstrings for the most part are contracted but are not being used as the primary mover. Due to the similarities between the HBBS and the Olympic lifts it is ideal for Olympic lifters, as it teaches the proper receiving position and closely mimics these lifts whilst allowing more weight to be used. For CrossFitters, the obvious benefits are that there is massive carryover from the HBBS into many lifts used all the time in CrossFit. The snatch, clean, front squat, thruster, wall ball, and overhead squat all require the body to move in the same way with an upright torso and with external weight carried close to the centre of mass. As such my suggestion would be that HBBS would be a wise choice for the majority of CrossFitters, especially people looking to compete. CrossFit Cambridgeshire Unit 10 Clifton Road Cambridge CB1 7ED Website: tel: 01223 750 758 email: twitter: Facebook: Google +:
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