How to pass the COMPASS Test!

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Learn how to pass the COMPASS exam and be prepared for your test day. Find out about COMPASS test study resources and practice that is available online. COMPASS study guide: COMPASS flashcards: COMPASS Practice Tests: Subscribe to Mometrix Test Preparation: Mometrix Academy COMPASS Tutorials: FOLLOW Mometrix Test Preparation: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+: #compass COMPASS is a set of college placement tests created by the same company behind the ACT exam. There are several different COMPASS exams: Reading, Writing Skills, Essay, Math, and English as a Second Language. Your college may ask you to take one or more of them in order to place you in the appropriate courses. If your COMPASS scores are low, you may need to take basic or remedial courses at first. On the other hand, if you score well, you can save a lot of time, money, and boredom by skipping these courses. Our free COMPASS videos offer lots of tips and techniques to help you achieve a high score. If you need more help, check out Mometrix. They have so many study tools available. Anything from COMPASS study guides and flashcards to practice tests and instructional videos. You can find these free video tutorials on their academy site, All of these helpful tools in the links below, or you can just Google "Mometrix". All the best to you on your upcoming test. FOLLOW Mometrix Test Preparation: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+:
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