What is Derivative ? Definition of Derivative in Calculus - Concept of Derivative

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
What is derivative in Calculus/Math || Definition of Derivative || This video introduces basic concepts required to understand the derivative calculus. We will understand geometrically as well as by definition what is differentiation in calculus mathematics.Derivative is an very important chapter of Calculus Mathematics. Before learning derivative calculus, we should study limits & continuity in Calculus to very well understand the definition of derivative, the geometry of derivative. We should have the concept of limit calculus at a point. Derivative is no more than a slope of secant line of a curve. Derivative can be defined in one line - rate of change of a function.In this video lesson of derivative we define derivative what exactly derivative is in geometric way. After learning this derivative lesson of calculus I hope you be able to answer the question - what are derivatives ? Once you understand what are derivatives in calculus , next question comes what is differentiation in math. Well, the process of finding derivative we call differentiation. There are various methods, tricks ,tips for differentiating a function. We will learn more about differentiation calculus later on. In this video will focus on understanding what is derivative in Calculus Math. To Learn Derivative Calculus Step by step, click on playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXcAypFGY57E5RRrlw8q8gWj8G3VTSR98&feature=view_all ItsMyAcademy.com is an education website where I create Educational videos on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. The videos are completely free to watch and download. You never have to worry copyright issue to use my videos. Your comments, messages, request makes me alive. Please feel free to connect with me @http://ItsMyAcademy.com @ http://FaceBook.com/ItsMyAcademy @ htt://Twitter.com/ItsMyAcademy
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