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Math Whiz Kid Proofs Calculus formulas, integral of sqrt(x^2+a^2) table

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
Kevin, 9 year old, can proof difficult calculus formulas sqrt (x^2+a^2) super fast. He had turned all integral methods into his own components needed for integration. Here he demonstrates the continuous flow of integration process his own way without needed for shown work. As a result, He makes integration process short, fast and very easy. For those who know calculus may wonder where are the integral methods ? The kid had reinvented his own methods that will no longer show work. For every integration problem from this point on, he just ramps it from beginning to the ending without stop . This is integral calculus formulas on every book cover. If you want to see more videos of the kid search "kids doing Calculus" End. Proof calculus formulas table, integral of sqrt (x^2 + a^2) or Proof calculus formulas table, integral of sqrt (a^2+x^2). Integral of sqrt (x^2 + a^2) or integral of sqrt (a^2+x^2) square roots (x^2 + a^2) or integral of square roots (a^2+x^2) proof calculus formulas, derive calculus formula, integrate calculus formulas, proof calculus formula, a^2+x^2,x^2+a^2
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