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Calculus: Ganita or Math? - A Talk by Prof. C. K. Raju

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
Calculus: Ganita or Math? A talk by Prof. C. K. Raju Indian Institute of Science, 7th December 2015 Abstract: Mathematics is considered as universal based on a naive assumption of universality of logic. Mathematics is generally translated as GaNita. However, there is a need to distinguish between formal mathematics based on axioms and focused on deductive proofs and empirical focused GaNita. Analysis of formal mathematics and its history provides insights that negate the claims of universality. While, the rigor of formal mathematics is based on religious metaphysics, it is irrelevant to the practical value of calculus. To send a rocket to Mars we still solve differential equations numerically, as Aryabhata, the initiator of calculus, did. The question why 2+2=4? has a very abstract, complicated answer in formal mathematics because of theological reasons, distortions created by appropriating mindset, and colonization of GaNita. This talk explains how reverting to GaNita from formal mathematics will remove hindrance to the progress of science.
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