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Learn how to build and deploy eLearning (via an LMS) that addresses the various learning styles. http://cogentys.com/custom-courses/ Heey, my name's John Swanstrom. Thanks for tuning in to eLearningTV from Los Angeles California and brought to you by Cogentys Learning Management Systems. On today's episode, I'm going to discuss how to build and deploy eLearning (via an LMS) that addresses the various learning styles which are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. More than likely you have all 3 types of learners in your organization so the question is how do you build your eLearning platform that matches your students to their optimum learning style. Ideally, you know exactly what type of learning styles are predominant within your students making focusing your curriculum specifically to them simple. However, it is likely that in the absence of this information that you will have to create content that addresses 2 or even all 3 learning styles. Identifying your students learning style and maximizing their educational experience by focusing on what benefits them the most would be the trick. One strategy may be to administer Myers-Briggs Type Indicator exams to your employees. More than likely you will find patterns. For example, the majority of your scientists could be visual learners, while the majority of your sales and marketing team could be strong kinesthetic learners. To maximize the effectiveness of your training program, you could create written courses for your scientists, and videos for your sales team. Another way to go could be to create your course curriculum in several different formats (video, audio, and kinesthetic) then let your students choose the format that they want. This could be an effective way to go. At Cogentys, we have found the most effective way to develop your training curriculum is to incorporate aspects of all 3 different learning styles in all your courses. The real challenge then is your ability to create and/or purchase the right type of content or authoring tools to help you create the content. Most Powerpoint to Flash conversion programs such as iSpring or Articulate provide for the ability to easily incorporate two of the styles (ie visual, auditory). Articulate's Engage module, Adobe Captivate and third party vendors such as Raptivity further expand those capabilities and also address the needs for kinesthetic or tactile users. Visual learners have a preference for seeing (think in pictures, powerpoint and video.). A good flash course packed full of visuals will be perfect. Auditory learners best learn through listening so all you need to do here is to make sure your course has a soundtrack. Additionally, you could make effective use of your LMS library by posting the course soundtrack for students to download to their desktop or mobile devices. Tactile/kinesthetic learners prefer to learn via experience so why not add a game or two in your course to increase their level of interest. OK that's all I got for today thanks for watching eLearningTV.
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