Dragon Quest X [PC] (No Commentary) #098, Rinja Tower; Bosses: Big Moumon, Enraaja, & Mucchiino

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
This is video #098 in my Dragon Quest X for PC gameplay series. This video does not contain commentary. To view the commentary version, click here: https://youtu.be/PB2j7NCzM3k Davilas is currently working on the Seredo storyline in southern Rendaashia. Previously, he headed northwest through the Seredotto Mountain Road and explored Rinjaharu Coast on the way to Rinja Tower. How convenient that a priestess is stationed all the way out here near the tower! Who'd'a thunk it? A scene takes place as Davilas crosses the bridge at E-3 towards Rinja Tower (time 0:48). Outside the tower, he meets up with the young priest from Seredo, Fiiro. After a brief scene, Fiiro goes inside, and Davilas should follow him. Then, Davilas heads into Rinja Tower at E-2 (time 2:33). Enjoy DQ8's lovely tower music in here. First, Davilas needs to head up any set of stairs to the second floor (time 2:59). On the second floor, he has to go around counterclockwise. Look out for the Dark Persians, cat mages that like to absorb MP. They also cast Boom, but at this point, that should not be a major concern. At F-3 in the northeast, below the stairway leading up, there is a red chest containing 3 Magic Waters (time 4:45). Then, Davilas heads up the stairs at F-3 to the third floor (time 5:01). There are a couple of side trips that can be taken before heading up the main stairway. At F-3 in the northeast of the exterior, there is a ladder leading up to a closed-off area on the fourth floor (time 5:56). At G-5 to the south of the ladder on the fourth floor, there is a black chest containing an an Atlas Card (time 6:12). Very interesting. Davilas then goes back down the ladder at F-3 to the third floor (time 6:30). In the southern interior room, there is a red chest at E-6 (time 7:43). This chest contains Mini Medal #172. Counting the 43 he has already spent, Davilas is currently at 129 medals. Then, Davilas goes into the northwestern interior room through the doorway at B-4 (time 9:06). Another of those interesting monuments is in this room. Also, there is a black chest at D-4 (time 9:22). This chest contains a Purple Orb. Back outside, Davilas climbs the western exterior stairway at B-4 to the fourth floor (time 9:58). In the central room at E-5, there is a doorway blocked by a dark seal (time 11:34). Be sure to heal before examining it. When ready, Davilas examines the sealed doorway (time 12:14). The party is transported to an astral battlefield to deal with the door guardian. After the brief scene, the party begins battle against the Big Moumon (time 13:04). A Biggie Sanguini, perhaps? This overstuffed Moumon hits pretty hard, and it has the ability to charm party members. Charming. Other than that, there is not much to this massive, flitting fluffball. After the Big Moumon is defeated, Davilas can pass through the door at E-5 (time 16:00). This takes him to the fifth floor. At F-3 in the northeast, there is a ladder leading up to an isolated area on the sixth floor (time 18:08). At F-3 near the top of the ladder, there is a red chest containing what appears to be another Strength Ring (time 18:24). Then, Davilas goes back down the ladder at F-3 to the fifth floor (time 18:52). He goes up the western stairs at B-5 to the exterior of the sixth floor (time 20:06). He is now on the top level of the tower. This dungeon is not so bad, after the Mysterious Underground Waterway. No need to prepare; Davilas goes straight through the doors at E-6 (time 20:18). Rizerotta and her "disciplinary committee" are within. Fiiro shows up behind Davilas, but it is too late. Rizerotta has taken an amber orb containing a butterfly. Fiiro is clearly not happy. As Rizerotta goes to leave, Mucchiino gives a suspicious expression. Regardless, Fiiro will apologize to Davilas and thank him for coming. After the scene, Davilas will be in the tower's altar room (time 23:47). Davilas goes back out to the exterior of the sixth floor (time 24:25). Then, he zooms back to Seredo (time 24:39). He rests at the inn and banks his gold before reporting to the church. The message: be prepared for a boss! Description continued in the comments.
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