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Xuất bản 12/08/2015 Learn to express yourself confidently in fluent English and sound like a native speaker with our FREE Power Learning video course! Grow your English vocabulary! Grow your English vocabulary and use more colorful language with our interactive flashcards! Listen carefully to the questions and sentences. Remember that subjects and verbs must agree! I cry. He cries! Also remember that subjects and verbs can reverse in questions. How are John and Tim? They are excellent! Have a look at our first character. What is this man doing? Is he enjoying himself? Is he captivated? Because he has some popcorn and a drink, he's probably at a movie theater. He's focused on the movie he's watching and has no idea about the giant bugs that are sitting right behind him. You could use the common English expression that he's "in trouble," but we want you to use something more colorful like "doomed." You can get out of trouble, but there is no escape when you are doomed. What about this character? Does she look tired? Is she sad? Is she having a great day? Happy is a very common English word, so we want you to have fun with something more interesting to describe something even more positive than happy. We think she looks ecstatic! To be ecstatic means to be really, really happy and excited. Did she just win 1 million dollars? Is she excited about a new car? When did you last feel ecstatic? Have a look at our next character. Is he in a positive mood? Is he excited about his future? What is he thinking about? An alien invasion is serious business for some people and he doesn't look happy. You can say he's feeling scared, but a more colorful word would be "dread." Dread is great fear or anxiety. Have you felt dread before taking a test you didn't study for? Our next interactive flashcard character doesn't look very happy. Was he fired from his job? Was he in a car accident? Whatever happened to him, saying he looks angry doesn't quite capture his emotional state. Look at his hair! Look at his eyes! He looks exasperated! To be exasperated is to be really frustrated and angry. Have you ever been stuck in your car in traffic and become exasperated? Have a look at the child in this interactive flashcard. Is the boy happy? Is he thoughtful? What is he doing? The minds of children are wide open, and they have some really cool ideas. So we think this little guy looks imaginative! Creative is a good word, but imaginative captures the playfulness and expression much better. He has created a world in his mind and is having fun with the creatures in it. Be imaginative today! Our next character looks stressed out. Is he having a bad day at the office? Are people yelling at him? Is he getting too many phone calls? Stress is a good word, but when someone gets really stressed we call them frazzled! You become frazzled when you need to do more than you can and can no longer think straight. When you get frazzled, take a moment to stop, relax and think. Does this character look calm and peaceful? Is he relaxed? He has a very sharp expression on his face and is looking at something that he's not happy about. Is he standing in the middle of a child's birthday party? Is there a snake by his feet? A good word for this situation is irritated. You aren't mad yet, but you are thinking about becoming mad. Something is distracting you and you don't like it when you're irritated. What irritates you? Our last flashcard is a tricky one. Is this a monster or a tree? Is he happy about the bird nesting on his head? The expression on the character's face is kind and loving. But these are both very common words that don't quite capture what's happening in the scene. Whatever the character is, it is giving part of itself to help to help the bird. In this way, we describe the character as selfless. To be selfless is to be more than kind. A selfless person forgets themselves as they try to help someone else. Go out and do something selfless today! Go back and watch this video many times so you remember the words and get a good understanding of how subjects and verbs agree. Practice repeating the sentences and then get out and use the words and phrases with native speakers! Have fun and enjoy getting fluent in English! For more tips, lessons and videos, and to learn the 7 secrets every student must know to get fluent quickly visit us at
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