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Xuất bản 12/08/2015 Learn to express yourself confidently in fluent English and sound like a native speaker with our FREE Power Learning video course! Grow your English vocabulary! Grow your English vocabulary and use more colorful language with our interactive flashcards! Listen carefully to the questions and sentences. Remember that subjects and verbs must agree! I walk. He walks! Also remember that subjects and verbs can reverse in questions. How is he? He is happy! Let's take a look at our first character. A diver is swimming and is surprised by a giant squid! How does he feel? Is he scared? Is he surprised? Is he nervous? The squid is very close, but the diver's face doesn't look worried. We think he looks awed! To be awed is to experience a wide range of amazing emotions. You may experience fear, happiness, and deep respect when awed. To be awed is to see something amazing that changes your life. What are you awed by? What about this character? Does he look pleased? Is he happy? Is he excited? Is he mad? This is a scarecrow, and it should be keeping crows away. Unfortunately, this scarecrow isn't doing a very good job. He also can't move and is being picked at by the crows. He looks more than unhappy. He looks bitter! To be bitter means to be both unhappy and angry when you're unable to change your situation. When have you felt bitter? Have a look at our next character. Is he a rock star? Is he famous? Is he loved? In his glasses we see tons of fans. Do they look happy to see him? When something is interesting, you want to pay attention to it and explore it. But a more appropriate word in this instance would be captivating! Captivating is stronger than interesting and you are really pulled in by something that captivates you. Is this video captivating? Our next pair of characters looks like a typical fat guy/skinny guy duo that you see on TV shows. Are they friends? Are they having a good time? When you see something so many times that it becomes boring and common, it becomes clichéd. Expressions can be clichés, too. The phrase, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link," has been used so many times that it's become common and clichéd. Can you think of any clichés? Our next character is going fishing. Does he look scary? Is he evil? This boy is being more than mean by fishing in a goldfish bowl; he is being cruel! While being mean is to do something bad to someone else, a cruel person is happy when hurting others. The boy in this interactive flashcard knows that the fish has no chance and is delighted by it. Don't be cruel to others! Does this character look excited? Is he looking forward to life? What is he thinking about? In his hat we see an image of a church and graveyard. The scene is dark and grim. While it's easy to say that this character looks sad, we want you to have fun using a more colorful word like dejected! To be dejected is to feel very down. Maybe he's thinking about death. What's in your hat? Our next flashcard is a tricky one. Is the man rich? Is he well-known? The man has an eye patch, so something terrible may have happened to him. But he also has a thick mustache and a bow tie. Is he a spy? Is he intelligent? We think he looks distinguished! To be distinguished is to be marked by eminence or excellence. Maybe he's a war hero! Do you know anyone distinguished? Have a look at our last character. Does he look like he's having a good time? Is he energetic? Is he positive? What happened to him? He's wearing the crown and robes of a king, but he is lost and floating at sea far from his castle. He is alone, tired and helpless. You can say he looks depressed, but a more colorful word would be despondent. To be despondent means to be extremely sad and depressed. You are sad when the movie you want to rent isn't available. You are despondent when your home is blown away by a tornado. Have you ever been despondent? Go back and watch this video many times so you remember the words and get a good understanding of how subjects and verbs agree. Practice repeating the sentences and then get out and use the words and phrases with native speakers! Have fun and enjoy getting fluent in English! For more tips, lessons and videos, and to learn the 7 secrets every student must know to get fluent quickly visit us at
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