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3vocab - Everyday Vocab for TOEFL/IELTS Learners - Composition

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Xuất bản 12/08/2015
English learners can learn and practice new ENGLISH vocabularies at anywhere and anytime convenient for them. These are well chosen academic vocabularies that are suitable for TOEFL and IETLS learners. How to use 3vocab clips: Where: On the bus/airplanes, at wating areas, bedrooms, study rooms, etc When: bedtime, just get up, transit time, formal study, etc How: READ and/or LISTEN, watch again to review the studied vocabs 1 week later, then 1 month later What: 1. Learn a word: follow in-clip instructions: understand - listen - repeat - make sentences 2. Learn a topic: select a playlist of desired vocab topic and let it play from word to word. New vocabs will be updated into current topics continually, so it's good to check the topics frequently for new vocabs. 3. Flash card: listen to the word in the first slide, stop and see whether you can say the correct definition, then continue for answer 4. New vocabs: subscribe to 3vocab channel to get emails delivered to your mailbox when new words come up. Have fun learning.
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