WWYD? - Mexican Workers Blasted & Refused Service By A Souless Racist White Clerk!

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Xuất bản 14/08/2015
Great news everyone! The show is coming back in 2014!! my guess is it won't be until near the end of spring shows since they need time to do the scenarios and edit etc.....or maybe perhaps even in april or may but they are taking suggestions now on their facebook page! head over there and suggest your scenario now!! They are actually listening!! but don't make it stupid cause that never works. https://www.facebook.com/wwyd I'm slowly re-uploading the old scenarios now.. but it won't be all at once. maybe several on today but a few the next etc...until it's all back to normal :( In this scenario we witness mexican workers who try to order coffee shop but the white clerk just isn't having it with them as he tries to boot them out of the store or refuse service to them because of the colour of their skin..and surprisingly, the clerk has a few fans of his own who feels this way after he insist they learn english first before coming to America..but will they have any support from the customers??
english workers coffee mexican white service blasted refused souless racist caucasian clerk customers
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