Learning English: Shopping 2

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Xuất bản 14/08/2015
Improve your English conversation skills with Chit Chat English! Learn useful words, idioms, and slang from today's most popular topics! In this English lesson, you will learn more popular shopping expressions. http://www.chitchat-english.com __________________________________ Vocabulary: HAGGLE [Español] Regatear [한국어] 값 깎다, 흥정을 하다 [日本語] 値切る [中文] 讨价还价 TACKY [Español] De mal gusto [한국어] 엉성한, 촌스러운 [日本語] 特売品、掘り出し物 [中文] ださい、趣味の悪い __________________________________ Download: The App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/chit-chat-english/id561867361?mt=8 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chitchatenglish __________________________________ Connect: *Subscribe to Chit Chat English's YouTube channel to get updates on new lessons and get free writing correction/feedback* Website: http://www.chitchat-english.com Email: admin@chitchateng.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/chitchatenglish Twitter: http://twitter.com/chit_chat_eng __________________________________ Lecciones de inglés: expresiones comerciales en ingles Mejora tus habilidades de conversación en inglés! Aprende palabras útiles, modismos y argot. 영어 레슨: 쇼핑 (속어) 영어회화를 마스터 해보세요! 요즘 가장 인기 많고 최신의 단어, 이디엄, 숙어등등 다 쉽고 자연스럽게 사용해보세요! 英語課:購物短語 提高您的英語會話能力!學習有用的單詞,成語和俚語。 英語レッスン :ショッピング あなたの英会話スキルを向上させる!便利な単語、イディオム、スラングとは、こちらを­ご覧ください。 __________________________________ Music: -'Sweet Resort' by Filippo Vicarelli, PlayOnLoop Link: http://www.playonloop.com/2011-music-loops/sweet-resort/ License terms: http://www.playonloop.com/help-and-faqs/#faq5 -'Sweeter Vermouth' by Kevin MacLeod: ISRC: USUAN1100712, Creative Commons License
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