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English Conversation about Restaurants | Learn Conversational English | Real English Conversations |

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Xuất bản 14/08/2015
In this Real English Conversation Amy & Curtis talk about their experiences working in the restaurant industry. A full transcription is available on our website as well as a slower version of the audio. Become a Free Member for a bonus lesson: Find us here: Official Website: You Tube Channel: Google Plus: Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Podcast: The Real English Conversations channel on You Tube, our website and our blog have been inspired by our own adventure to learn a second language. This has been created for anyone who is looking to listen to conversational English at an intermediate English or advanced English level. Listen to English conversations from a native speaker with an American English accent. All of our English conversations are completely unscripted. Your hosts, Amy & Curtis, are from Canada but the Canadian accent and Canadian English is comparable to anyone from the United States from the west coast or the central United States. We want you to hear the natural flow of an English conversation and recognize the differences between written English and real spoken English. Each real English conversation includes a transcription that is available on our website at One of the most effective ways to learn and improve listening comprehension, learn new vocabulary and learn how to use natural English expressions is by listening to interesting English dialogues from native English speakers. The type of conversation you want to listen to over and over again. Our goal in every audio recording, every blog post and everything on our website is to make learning English fun for you!
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