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IELTS: What is this? english video

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Xuất bản 14/08/2015
If you are wondering what exactly is IELTS, then this brief introduction of the exam should answer your questions. It gives you an overview of the four sections examined in the test (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) and some basic information about the evaluation system (bandscores). Some links that I find useful about IELTS preparation: Here is the IELTS bandscale in detail: IELTS BANDSCALE 9 Expert User: You have full command of the language 8 Very Good User: You have full command of the language with occasional inaccuracies. 7 Good User: You have operational command of the language but inaccuracies still occur. 6 Competent User: You have effective command of the language in general, but inappropriate expressions, inaccuracies, and misunderstandings still occur. 5 Modest User: You have partial command of the language and you are able to understand the overall meaning in most situations but you are susceptible to many mistakes. 4 Limited User: You can handle basic communication in familiar situations but you cannot use complex language and misunderstandings occur often along with mistakes. 3 Extremely Limited User: You can only understand the general meaning of familiar situations. You have trouble communicating in English. 2 Intermittent User: You cannot really communicate in English and you can understand only the most basic information. 1 Non-User: You have no ability to use the language apart from a few words. 0 Did not attempt the test: You have not provided any information in order to be assessed. Whatever your level is, don't get disheartened! You can definitely raise your band score with the right preparation. There are tips that will help you improve your performance in each section almost instantly. Stay tuned! Subscribe to my channel: Share this video: ADD G+page: LIKE Facebook page: FOLLOW Twitter:
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