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'sh' / ʃ / vs. 'ch' / tʃ / sounds - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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Xuất bản 21/08/2015 This is a pronunciation practice lesson designed to help you improve your pronunciation of the English consonant sounds 'sh' /ʃ/ and 'ch' /tʃ/. Listen and repeat after me to practice your pronunciation! (I speak with a standard American accent. This is great practice if you want to learn standard American English pronunciation. ) Part I - Minimal pairs Part II - Which word do you hear? Part III - Words and phrases with 'sh' /ʃ/ and 'ch' /tʃ/ sounds Part IV - Linking 'sh' /ʃ/ and 'ch' /tʃ/ sounds If you liked this video: - Leave me a COMMENT - LIKE this video! - SHARE this videos with your friends on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or GOOGLE+! Thank you! WEBSITE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: How to improve your pronunciation: *I am Canadian. My accent and grammar are American, but sometimes my spelling is British. How to make the English 'sh' / ʃ / sound: Rachel's English BBC Learning English How to make the English 'ch' / tʃ / sound: Rachel's English BBC Learning English
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