English Phonics Reading for Kids

Xuất bản 21/08/2015
How to Read English for Kids - Reading English Practice Using the phonics successful method. Students have a hard time with reading and writing. Solution: Students use phonics to unite sounds with letters. Phonics is introduced gradually and moves towards the goal of getting students to read and write on their own. Mastering the skills of reading and writing helps promote a firm foundation for all of the skills in English. Learning phonics also helps promote good pronunciation. Students can see how to correctly pronounce the sounds of English and actively learn how those sounds are put together to spell English words. Good pronunciation is necessary when you are trying to make yourself understood in a foreign language. Please Like and Share. Subscribe for more videos like this. http://www.youtube.com/user/jajo1399?sub_confirmation=1 Checkout Other Awesome Videos: Reading English - Ultimate Phonics practice http://youtu.be/uAPxZwrxGWw Top Alphabet Reading Dictionary http://youtu.be/lolavgHi_a8 Funny The Annoying Orange - Survival http://youtu.be/zvi93U1H2tI Reading English - Best Phonics practice for Kids http://youtu.be/5UGOr4GAlvQ Best English Letters & Numbers Learing - 1 hour Superstar http://youtu.be/NQMtdWM_mCA 123 Best Numbers Song - Let's Count http://youtu.be/ZE1LAJCEL0k Fun Easy ABC Song - I Love ABC http://youtu.be/MTYPcOOagSs *** يمكنكم التواصل معنا لانتاج محتوى تعليمي وعروض ثري دي وانتاج دعاية واعلان على بريد jajo1399@gmail.com
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