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Details about the SCBE method Vinicius Lages asked Steve McCrea to develop a course for busy executives. The Teacher talks to a group of students once a week and then there are two or three short calls during the rest of the week, one-on-one with the students. Each student presents information and the teacher evaluates the presentations. This video will be re-done in the future (apologies for the "in and out" focus of the camera lens). The focus is on CONTENT, not on the process. Steve focuses on the big picture and often misses details. If you listen to this presentation, you will get the idea about the course. Please write to visualandactive AT gmail DOT com with your questions. Go to FreeEnglishLessons DOT com and click on "Swiss Cheese Business English" on the right column. Click again to get to the web site's list of Frequent Questions and then scroll DOWN to find the SCBE home page. This course is designed for busy people. Total time outside the 30 minutes (group class) is less than an hour a week. swiss cheese business english vinicius lages steve mccrea lessons executives accent reduction online learning distance skype mobile phone
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