Neil deGrasse Tyson- Why Would-be Engineers End Up English Majors

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Xuất bản 12/08/2015
Examining the obvious failures in US professional education system. All rights to CNN and partners. This video is for educational purposes. EXPAND INFO. P.S. Title IS misleading, this is verbatim, the same title editorialized from CNN. If you are complaining, you did not listen to the video. Also, as I stated awhile ago, I don't think some of you taking personal insult to this understand the message Neil is trying to convey. He's not setting a benchmark to say more calculus equals higher pay. He's saying that the pursuit of higher education in mathematical logic can benefit on a subconscious level. Just the act of trying gives you a leg up in multitudes of your daily comprehension within life. Understanding the complexity of a subject--much like calculus--paves way for the ability to diffuse less complex issues more effectively. Learning calculus teaches you to think differently, expansively even, so that your pursuits in art/science/business whatever excel. Neil is encouraging scientific literacy for all human studies.
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