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Xuất bản 12/08/2015
Narrator: Hello again. Things haven't been going well at Tip Top Trading. There was a fire in the warehouse, caused by my Mr Ingle's cigarette and now Mr Socrates – the big boss from America - has turned up unexpectedly. Mr S: So honey, you are…? Anna: Anna. I'm Anna, I work here as a sales executive. We haven't met before. Mr S: We sure ain't. Looks like I've arrived just in the nick of time. Paul: (Out of breath)…what's going on…..oh, Mr Socrates! Golly gosh, what an unexpected pleasure. Mr S: Unexpected alright. Looks like this company is in a mess. Paul: Err yes. It was OK when I popped out for some biscuits….erm, would you like one? Mr S: Biscuits?! They're cookies man. Look, now what do I have to do to get a triple-shot, organic, skinny cappuccino round here? Anna: I'll get you one Mr Socrates. Mr S: It's OK honey. I need you to book me a hotel room. You...what's your name again…Paul…you can fetch me one. Narrator: Right Anna. Booking a room for Mr Socrates. This is something you can't get wrong. Anna: Well I've never done it before. Narrator: I'm sure you'll be OK. When you book a room, here's what you could say: Hello, I'd like to check availability and prices for a room please. Does the price include breakfast? Are there any business facilities such as internet and wi-fi? I'd like to go ahead and make the reservation please. Anna: OK I'll give it a try. But where shall I look? Narrator: Try searching on the internet. Look for a five-star hotel. He is a five-star guest after all. Good luck. Anna: Thanks. I better get back to the office and get started.
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