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Learning Business Skills & Business English 24 تعلم اساسيات العمل واللغه الانجليزيه معا

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Xuất bản 12/08/2015
Fire alarm Denise: Tom? Tom: Here. Denise: Anna? Anna: Here Denise. Denise: And Paul? Paul: Yes, yes I'm here and there's no need to panic. That was just a fire drill – a practice. Narrator: Phew, Tip Top Trading is safe – for now. It was just a fire drill. What a busy day this is turning out to be. Hey Anna, remember next time it could be for real so are you happy about what to say if you have to take charge? Anna: Oh, not really. Narrator: Just keep calm and say things like: There's no need to panic. Please leave the building and meet outside. Use the stairs not the lift. And when you're outside, you could say: is anybody missing? Anna: OK, thanks, but I hope I'll never need to use them. Paul: Well done everyone. Hopefully you all know what to do in the unlikely event of a real fire. Now, to celebrate, I'm off to buy some really nice biscuits for all of us – you know, those special double-choc ones. Back to work everyone. Back in the office Denise: Honestly! I was in the middle of an important call. Tom: Yeah, and you never got see those firemen in action, did you Denise? Anna: Look at the time. I really need to get on with my work.
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