Learning Business Skills & Business English 19 تعلم اساسيات العمل واللغه الانجليزيه معا

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Narrator: Hello, it's a chilly start to the day at Tip Top Trading. Anna: Hi Denise! Denise: Good morning Anna. Anna: Brrr... it's so cold in here. Denise: The window was left open overnight. Anna: My papers have been blown everywhere. Denise: Mine too! Tom was the last one here last night – it must've been him who left the window open. Anna: Brrr.... Right then, to work! Oh, there's a note from Paul, it must've fallen off my desk: 'I would like your ideas on our stock management system for our new laser-curve fruit range, so we know we can keep up with demand. Please write me a couple of pages of suggestions and leave it on my desk. I'll be back this afternoon.' Wow! I have to come up with ideas for a stock management system! Gosh, where do I begin?! Tom: Good morning. Anna: Morning! Tom: Hey, my certificate for Plastic Pear Salesman of the Year is on the floor! Anna: Right... stock management systems... stock-up on your laser-curved lemons … My first idea is to calculate the total…. Later… Narrator: Well, Anna has finished her report and left it on Paul's desk, but things aren't that simple. Er, Anna, there's going to be a problem. Anna: Oh? A problem, bbbbut… Narrator: Let me teach you some phrases you might need to explain that there's been a mistake: I think there's been a misunderstanding.© British Broadcasting Corporation 2012 Page 1 of 1 Or: There's been a bit of a mix-up. Anna: But what misunderstanding? What mix-up? Narrator: You could also use: Let me explain what happened... Anna: ButPaul: Ah, good afternoon everyone. All: Hello. Paul: Tom, this is an excellent piece of work! Tom: Sorry? Paul: These are by far the best ideas you've ever had. Tom: I don't understand. Paul: Our stock management system! Tom: Can I see? … Oh, that's not mine. Paul: Eh? Anna: I think there's been a misunderstanding. I did it. Paul+Tom: You? Anna: I got your note Paul, here. Paul: No, no, that note was for Tom. Anna: Oh, then there's been a bit of a mix up. Tom: Did you take that note from my desk? Anna: No, no! Tom: I suppose you threw my pear salesman certificate on the floor at the same time too! Anna: I didn’t! Let me explain. The wind must have blown the note for Tom under my desk. Denise: Tom left the window open overnight. Our papers were blown all over the place.© British Broadcasting Corporation 2012 Page 1 of 1 Paul: I see, well, golly gosh. In that case, well done, Anna! Excellent work, even though you weren't meant to do it. And Tom, your ideas are still welcome of course. Thanks. Anna: Sorry Tom. Tom: What? Oh, I'm not bothered. I've still got some great ideas in my head anyway. Narrator: Yeah, right! Let's leave Tom to get on with his 'great ideas' and listen again those phrases Anna used to explain the misunderstanding: I think there's been a misunderstanding. There's been a bit of a mix-up. Let me explain what happened. Well, the mix-up gave Anna a chance to shine – Paul certainly seemed impressed with her work. Maybe it will bring her new opportunities. Until next time, bye!
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