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Xuất bản 12/08/2015
Thank you for watching! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5JfRCWGps5MxTMGImiQqIw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Take A Break and Check out all funny commercial & other funny videos in this channel! Funniest Commercials 18 - Learn English Funny Commercial Speak English, learning english, english lesson, English Vocabulary, learn english speaking, learn english commercial, learning english grammar, learn english for children, learn english with subtitles, English Expressions, learning english conversation, learning english for beginners, learning english pronunciation, learning english vocabulary, learning english fluently, Funniest Commercials 18 - Learn English Funny Commercial Learn Business English ESL Vocabulary: Commercial Law, 1 very funny advertisment . Share it with others. This video podcast introduces definitions and collocations related to commercial law, including: contract law; copyright; intellectual property rights, arbitration, lawsuit; to sue; to litigate; plaintiff; defendant; damages; settlement; injunction & to appeal. Hello Class Prepositions Part 1), Learn English Vocabulary Online Business, English, Law, Legal, terms, ESL, Vocabulary, Learning,advertisment, funny, comedy,Learn English Funny Commercial, leanr english, Very Funny Commercial, Funny Commercial, Commercials, Funny ads, ads, ad, hilarious, comedy, funny, stupid,"Funniest Commercials 18 - Learn English Funny Commercial""learning english pronunciation" "learning english vocabulary"
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