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Xuất bản 12/08/2015 Improve your English with my free video lessons or buy private classes with me online on Skype. Transcript of this lesson: Hi, my name is Joel. I'm from the United States and I teach conversational English on Skype to students all over the world. In this short lesson, I want to talk about a phrase that's commonly used in business English. The phrase is: from day one. And this simply means, "from the beginning" or "from the very beginning." Let me give you some example sentences: "From day one, they told us that we have to arrive to work at 8am every morning." "I've been telling you from day one that we have to buy this stock." "From day one, we've had meetings every Friday." "We've been doing it this way from day one. Why do you want to change the process now?" Okay, so I hope that this short video was helpful for you and that now you know another phrase in English. Well, if you would like to improve your English even more... If you want to improve your conversational skills, your pronunciation, your vocabulary or maybe prepare for an interview, go to my website and you can get information about getting private classes with me on Skype. Okay, so thanks and I hope you have a great day.
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